Rats, Mosquitoes, Cockroaches, Ants and Scorpion Exterminators in Las Vegas


"Rats responsible for Black Death".  That could have been the newspaper headlines  during the Middle Ages when rats were spreading the Bubonic Plague across Europe.  In recent times, we have seen some isolated cases of this killer disease.  Greatfully Dead Pest Control really earns its name when we eliminate this problem for you.


NEWS FLASH - Las Vegas does have Mosquitoes.  In fact, the Mosquitoes found in the Las Vegas area are known to carry the deadly Zika virus and the West Nile virus.  Disposing of these dangerous insects is vital to our health and safety.  Greatfully Dead Pest Control will eradicate your Mosquito problem.


Our Mohave Desert is home to many species of Scorpions.  Scorpion Stings are extremely painful and in some cases can be fatal.  Once stung by a Scorpion it is recommended to seek medical attention.  A better course of action is to have Greatfully Dead Pest Control eliminate this threat to you and your family.  We are the best Scorpion Exterminators in Las Vegas.

German Cockroaches

German Cockroaches have invaded Las Vegas.  They can be found everywhere.  This particular form of Cockroach is particularly dangerous due to their appetite for human flesh.  Their bites cause skin irritation, lesions and swelling accompanied with infection.  It is best to destroy these dangerous pests before they become a problem.  Call Greatfully Dead Pest Control at (702) 239-7645 now.


There are over 700 ant species found throughout the United States.  They can invade and infest your home and business causing thousands in damages.  It is recommended to call an Pest Control Expert immediately once an Ant infestation is identified.  Greatfully Dead Pest Control's trained technicians will ensure your Ant problem is handled quickly and completely.

African Bees

Having a colony of African "Killer" Bees on your property poses a safety concern for everyone.  Africanized bees are very defensive and react quickly to perceived threats to their habitats.  They deliver 10x more stings than typical bees and have killed more than 1,000 humans.  Eliminate this threat to your employees or family before someone gets hurt, call Greatfully Dead Pest Control today, (702) 239-7645.